Assume you were retained by an employee’s organization as a consultant to advice on the provisions of the Employment Act 2007. What highlights would you focus on, and what would you advice them to agitate for

Critically assess the meaning and significance of formal examination or examination as to form under patent law and practice.
Question two:
“Traditionally, the focus of trademarks has been the origin or source of goods and services. The focus seems to have shifted to using trademarks to promote or market goods and services.”
Discuss this shift in focus, identifying its effect on the enforceability of trademark rights and law reform endeavors
Question three:
Critically discuss the two core rights available under copyright law. You may compare and contrast the tow rights with any other rights.
Question four:
“Copyright infringement and piracy as well as counterfeiting and trade in counterfeit goods pose the greatest threat to development and the commercialization of innovation, intellectual property and technology transfer.”
Critically analyze this statement.
Question Five:
the state shall provide support, promotion of as well as the protection of the intellectual property of the Kenyan people.
Discuss how realistic this statement is.


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