Voluntary Disclosures in Australian Corporate Sector

Question 4: (25 marks)

Report Writing on ‘Voluntary Disclosures in Australian Corporate Sector’ (Word length:  maximum 1 200 words and at least 3 references).

Select two Australian companies from the list below in the same industry, which are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) and having voluntary disclosures made on:

a)      ‘corporate governance’ and b)      ‘corporate social responsibility’ (i.e. CSR or sustainability reporting of environmental, social and economic reporting  or triple bottom line).

Find the most recent year-end 2016-17 ‘annual report’ and ‘CSR report’ for each company applying ‘GRI guidelines’ (G4) (use company website or Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) web-site for the list of Australian companies providing sustainability report (

Paladin Energy Limited (PDN) Woodside Petroleum Limited (WPL) AGL Energy Limited ANZ Bank National Australia Bank (NAB) Westpac bank

In your….

Benchmark – Being Good vs. Being Holy

Description This paper provides an opportunity to apply the knowledge of sanctification. The work of the Holy Spirit is to regenerate and sanctify those who have been justified by faith in Christ. This work is manifest in the fruit of the Spirit. By these fruits, those who have faith in Christ are holy and set apart in contrast to the world, which is under the power of false spirits. In a paper of 1,000-1,300 words, contrast life in the Holy Spirit versus life according to worldly spirits and values and include the following:

1. Explain how a typical contemporary lifestyle can bear false fruit in everyday relationships and spirituality. Include examples of values and practices of false fruit in that typical contemporary lifestyle.

2. Explain why spiritual practices….

Why is there tension between capitalism and democracy today?


Draw on the knowledge obtained in this unit: Although this is a research essay you will be required to also show evidence that you’re relying on unit content to make your argument. Word limit: 1500 words not including your reference list. Question to answer in your essay: Why is there tension between capitalism and democracy today? As with the first essay, you must cite a minimum of 10 high quality, peer-reviewed, scholarly references. Please ensure you use the Harvard manual of style for your in-text referencing and reference list.

Note:  Asking the question “why” almost automatically leads us to think of “because”. It sparks ideas of cause and effect. But be careful here not to lose the big picture by automatically delving into a specific issue. Rely particularly on the rubric….

US Federal Reserve has increased interest rate twice since last year, and European Central Bank has lowered their interest rate to negative -discuss how these two policies can affect Australia in the short and long run


Question 1: (Word limit 750).

US Federal Reserve has increased interest rate twice since last year, and European Central Bank has lowered their interest rate to negative. Please discuss how these two policies can affect Australia in the short and long run. [5 marks]


Question 2: (Word limit 750).


Britain is leaving the European Union soon. Please analyze and discuss the potential impact of this event on the exchange rate of British pound to euro, and the exchange rate of British pound to Australian dollar. [5 marks]


Question 3: (Word limit 1000).

In 2011, Japan was hit by a powerful earthquake. Using the tools that you have learned from this course, describe how the Japanese yen moves (depreciation or appreciation against Australian dollar) and why;….

The share price and dividends in pence for Cola Coker are as follows. Dividends are paid on 31 December each year.

Question 1


The table below provides forecast data for a UK based FTSE 100 company


2016 December

2017 December

2018 Earnings per share 30p 35p 40p Dividends per share 14p 17p 20p Return on Equity (ROE) 10.1% 9.9% 10.0%

The consensus view of the analysts in Bloomberg is that the growth for the shares is 10.0% while the long term growth for the UK economy is considered to be 4.0%.

a) If the beta of the company is 1.2, the risk free rate is 2% and the market risk premium is 8% calculate the intrinsic value of a share using the multistage growth version of the DDM model.   (10 marks)


b) Explain why the growth rate estimate from Bloomberg is unrealistic and inappropriate for….

Before you start this section, it is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the Economics Learning Standards for Australian Higher Education (ELS).

The assignment has three parts. In Part A, the questions are related to data collection, preliminary analysis and presentation with narratives. Part B questions are short answer type questions which are going to test your analytical and explanatory skills. In Part C, the purpose of the career education aspect of this assignment is to help you understand employer expectations for economics graduates, track your development and understand the opportunities for economics graduates. Keep in mind that the graduate job application ‘season’ opens February each year, and that the graduate job application process will occur throughout your final year. This assignment is designed as a continuation of the journey you started in MWL101.


(See the end of assignment for submission requirements)


Part A: Data collection, presentation and….

Write a brief report which reflects on your reading of the language and contexts of the judgments of Gibbs CJ and Wilson J on the issue of standing in Onus v Alcoa [1981] HCA 50


In the light of the quotation below, choose one – and one only – of the following three (3) questions for your Judgment Report. The questions each ask you to develop an argument about legal judgments in light of the themes and issues raised in the Guide Quotations.


Guiding Quotation:

Each of the questions below asks you to write a report that reflects on your understanding of and reading of a named judgment or judgments. The ‘Guiding Quotation’  are provided to prompt some thoughts about themes and approach you might want to take up. The quotes take up some of the issues and approach that you have encountered in the lecture and the tutorial discussions in weeks 1 to 6 inclusive.


““Juris-diction” concerns the speaking….

You have been asked to prepare a professional learning session about your inclusive practice for your colleagues at the first professional development day at the beginning of the year.

use needs assessments and other tools to contextualise change and intervention from individual and group perspectives; prepare, implement and evaluate individualised practices and supports that are practical, ethical and feasible; demonstrate skills in developing responsive curricula, policy, procedures and /or professional learning that take into account individual, family, professional and workforce issues related to both people who provide and receive support.

Your supervisor has noticed that your educational setting is truly inclusive and would like you to share with your colleagues the effective inclusive practices you have adopted. The presentation is expected to run for 20 minutes.

You may submit your material in a word document. Alternatively you may prefer to submit your assignment in a digital format – such as a YouTube video; an animated video; a….