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With a particular stakeholder group in mind, select a listed Australian company of your choice. Refer to your chosen company s annual reports and also information from other sources for

e.g., websites. Identify three current corporate governance practices/mechanisms in place of the company including the board of directors and board sub-committees structure, risk management, directors and Chief Executive Officer s remuneration. Critically analyse the current corporate governance practices by the company in light of the corporate governance practices recommended by Australian Securities Exchange Corporate Governance Council which is known as CorporateGovernance Principles and Recommendations 2014 (ASX CGC 2014). Explain fully how the company s corporate governance structure could be improved (where necessary) by following the ASX CGC 2014 guidelines. You are expected to identify three major issues of corporate governance facing your chosen company, apply discipline knowledge and theoretical constructs, provide evidence-based knowledge, suggest recommendations for improvement

 (including any aspects of the ASX CGC 2014 guidelines) and….

Evaluate BP groups’s choice of sources of funds using appropriate theory

¢You are required to:




¢Evaluate BP groups’s strategy of distribution of funds (dividend policy, share repurchases) by using appropriate theory


¢Recommend an appropriate financial strategy for BP group to be followed over the next 3 years.


¢Theory suggests that Mature companies should have higher levels of gearing

¢Theory is not telling us what the exact level of gearing should be.

¢The suggestion of higher gearing is based on a particular line of argument/assumptions

In particular the suggestion is based on the assumption that mature companies have:

¢High profits/cashflows

¢Low business risk

¢Lower level of cost of financial distress

¢Pay significant amounts in tax

—In order to evaluate the company’s financing decision we have to compare and contrast the company’s financing strategy to recommendations….

Choose an organisation that you work for, or are familiar with. Briefly introduce the organisation and the products and services it provides

Upon completion of this module you will be able:

1          To demonstrate the contribution of the operations function within the formulation and implementation of business strategy

2          To analyse various business situations and recommend improvements using relevant approaches that meet the business needs

3          To apply business improvement concepts and theory to a scenario and plan an improvement project


Module Assessment

Module Assessment Mode:            100% Coursework

Formative assessment will be provided within seminar sessions when opportunities for both knowledge and skills development will be provided for you, with both tutor and peer feedback to support further learning and development.

Summative Assessment.

Coursework 1         (assesses all learning outcomes) 100%

A 3,000 word (maximum) individual management report (50%) and project plan (50%) incorporating the formative feedback from the….