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A strategic stakeholder communications essay.

A few notes to take care of for the essay writing..

1. Situation Analysis -A brief overview of the market environment for campaign in relation to current and future trends. -An analysis of your selected product/campaign in relation to its competitive environment and brand identity. This could include its positioning relative to competitors, trends, buyer behaviour, current customer segments and profiles, challenges and opportunities and current promotional activities. -Mapping key stakeholders using a recognised mapping model. -Identify and justify the target audience

Objectives: – Communications objectives should refer to how the communications should affect the mind of the target audience. – Eg. Generate awareness, attitudes, interest or trial – DAGMAR – Defining Advertising Goals for Measuring Advertising Responses – AIDA – Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action

Examples – To….

Supply and Demand Reduction

Evaluate the concepts of supply reduction and demand reduction, including examples of each. In your evaluation, describe how each of these concepts could be used in the War on Drugs and explain whether each would be successful in decreasing overall drug use and abuse in the United States.

What is the difference between ‘real progress’ and ‘progress traps’ according to Wright?

Essay Topics 1. What is the difference between ‘real progress’ and ‘progress traps’ according to Wright? Why does he refer to civilization as a ‘pyramid scheme’? What is the Victorian ideal of progress, and how might this have contributed to an ideology of progress that has helped to obscure the fact that our civilization is in the midst of ‘the biggest progress trap in human history’? 2. What is the difference between the ‘social division of labour’ and the ‘detail division of labour’, according to Braverman? What are the social consequences of the capitalist organization of production? What is the Babbage Principle and how does its application to the labour process result in the ‘degradation of work’? How can we use Rice’s play to illustrate the effects Braverman….