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Comparative Politics Today. A World View 

General instructions:

Throughout the semester, you will write an analysis of a selection of the films we will watch in and out of class, providing an explanation as to how the themes of the films relate to the readings and in-class discussion. I do not want you to comment on their artistic quality or to give me a lengthy summary. Instead, after briefly explaining the film’s premise, I want you to tell me how I should understand the film in terms of the content of class. These papers should be at least two full and complete pages, done outside of class on your own time. You must submit them by the due dates indicated on the syllabus. As possible, I will provide you supplementary material for each film,….

Concept maps allow the student to visually describe the disease, clinical manifestations, and evidence-based pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic interventions

.  The goal of the concept map assignment is to identify a specific disease, discuss the usual etiology, clinical manifestations, diagnostic criteria, pharmacological treatment and patient education for the treatment of the disease.  The concept map will demonstrate your understanding of the disease as you would present it to a patient.

Do not select a disease unless it has standard pharmacotherapy




Please include the following items in your concept map in bulleted or narrative format and in your own words.


Identify the disease Discuss the etiology and pathogenesis of the disease Discuss the clinical manifestations of the disease Diagnostic criteria for the disease Evidence-based pharmacologic treatment and nursing consideration for the disease. Please include all appropriate references in APA format.


Concept Map


Imagine that you have been tasked with creating a training and development program for midlevel business managers in an organization

(you can use your actual organization or one that you create). A midlevel manager is defined as a manager of

managers. You have to present your proposed training program to your supervisor. To do this, you must decide on a training

model, conduct a needs analysis, write learning objectives, and create the content of the training.

For your assignment, you will create a 12- to 14-slide presentation (not counting the title and reference slides) that includes specific information as

outlined below.

The topic of the training can be any subject relevant to a midlevel manager that we covered in the course, such as how to

deliver real-time coaching feedback, how to communicate unfavorable news to employees (e.g., compensation status

changes), or how to communicate that a complaint has….