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Select a current news item pertaining to an ethical situation in the Middle East that has arisen in a business or non-profit organization. Describe the situation and the organization

Ethics can be very ambiguous based on many variables. What are some of these variables that your analysis was based upon? Explain how you would have handled the situation if you were the leader of the organization. Suggest ways that leadership could have prevented this situation from happening. Embed course material concepts, principles and theories (require supporting citations) along with at least one scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article. Required

Chapter 13 in Leadership: Theory and Practice Frankel, T. (2008). Trust, honesty and ethics in business. Finance & Common Good, 87–93. Huang, L., & Paterson, T. A. (2014). Group ethical voice: Influence of ethical leadership and impact on ethical performance. Journal of Management 43(4), 1157–1184. Mohammed, K. M. (2015). Social responsibility in business organizations: Exploring the investment dimension. KCA Journal of Business Management, 6(1),….

Why do you need to ensure that sufficient suitable resources are sourced and acquired for training purposes

Identify a problem or inefficient/ineffective aspect of your information or knowledge management system. This can be hypothetical, but must be realistic.   Write a brief report outlining the problem and your recommended solution, complete with evidence.  

Identify the problem Identify evidence Identify a solution.

  Next, you will need to identify training needs and organise appropriate training. Write a plan that acknowledges and answers the following points:  

What are the training needs? How can you train relevant staff to use the new updated system? How would you organise this? What resources do you need?

  Next, you will need to monitor the effectiveness of these changes and the training provided.  

How will you monitor to see whether the new changes have been effective? How will….

Company Name – Merck Pharmaceuticals, USA.

Report outline below,  

IT Value to the organization.


IT infrastructure and Information flow (Databases, ERP systems, Telecommunications, E-commerce, ..)


Systems Development, Business Process Reengineering, and Management of IT.


Specialized IT applications (Knowledge work, Decision Support Systems, etc)


Social, ethical impact of IT, if any


Lessons learnt, critical review, and future suggestions.