Analyse the environmental features of the play environment presented within the photographs

Analyse the environmental features of the play environment presented within the photographs.
1. Provide a short introduction (no more than 150 words) to explain to the reader what you are going to discuss in your assignment
2. From the list below, choose 2 environment topics that you feel are relevant to the play environment. Analyse the environment with reference to your chosen two topics:
• Engaging interests
• Provoking curiosity and inquiry
• Aesthetics
• Fostering social relatedness
In your analysis, be sure to
i) define each of your chosen topics,
ιι) explain why it is important to consider that topic when thinking about the play / inquiry experiences of young children, and
ιιι) analyse the extent to which this topic applies to your environment.
4. Identify what you feel are the two most significant health and/or safety issues related to the environment, and analyse the environment in reference to these two issues. Briefly explain how you would moderate these two risks…………………

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