Analyse the impact of economic, commercial, social and environmental trends on organisation’s ethical and sustainability behaviours

a) Identify questions of ethics and sustainability and analyse how they impact on one’s day-to-day work experience.
b) Apply a range of ethical frameworks and develop a vocabulary for ethical issues.
c) Demonstrate the ability to apply the various frameworks that underpin how individuals and organisations make decisions on complex ethical issues.
d) Analyse the impact of economic, commercial, social and environmental trends on organisation’s ethical and sustainability behaviours.
e) Explore specific sustainability tools such as values-based management and stakeholder perspectives.
f) Evaluate the role of the individual as an agent of ethical and sustainable behaviour in organisations.
This assessment allows students to develop writing skills in ethics and sustainability scenarios and to explore the ways in which stakeholder theory and values management can be used by organisations, as tools in addressing economic, commercial, social and environmental problems.
Group task
You will be allocated to a group of three students who, in module 5.2 (week 10) and module 6.1 (week 11) will prepare a short written scenario that describes one ethical or sustainability issue facing an organisation of your choice. A framework for writing the scenario will be provided in class, and available later as an online resource in Blackboard.
Individual task
You will then use the group scenario to prepare an individual report.
The scenario report will take the form of a business case, made to the senior management of the organisation, recommending how the issue should be dealt with. The report will employ either stakeholder theory or values management as an analytical tool.
 Structure
1. Executive summary (100 words)
2. Introduction (100 words)
3. Summary of scenario (200 words)
4. Description of theory used for analysis (stakeholder theory OR values management) (400 words)
5. Analysis (750 words)
6. Identification of 3 alternative solutions (250 words)
7. Recommendations (100 words)
8. Conclusion (100 words)
9. Reference list (excluded from word count)
This assessment task should include appropriate academic referencing and a reference list following APA 6th edition style of referencing. Please see the Academic Skills page on Blackboard for information on referencing in APA 6th:

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