Analysis of Protocols with Wireshark

Question 1. Analysis of Protocols with Wireshark [10 marks]
For this question you must use virtnet (as used in the workshops) to study Internet
applications with Wireshark. This assumes you have already setup and are familiar with
virtnet. See Moodle and workshop instructions for information on setting up and using
virtnet, deploying the website, and performing the attack.
Your task is to:
? Create topology 5 in virtnet where:
o node1 will be referred to as the client
o node2 will be the router
o node3 will be the server
? Start capturing packets using tcpdump on the router (node2)
? While capturing, perform the following operations in order:
1. Start netcat TCP server using assigned port on the server (node3)
2. Start netcat TCP client on the client (node1)
3. On the client (node1) type:
COIT20262 Assignment 1
My ID is
4. On the server (node3) type:
Hello . I am the server.
5. On the client (node1) type:
Goodbye server.

You need to perform steps 3-5 in the correct sequence, switching from client to server to client.
? Stop the capture and save the file as netcat.pcap
Server port numbers must be assigned based on the last three (3) digits of your student ID, xyz,
as defined below. Examples are given for a student ID of 12345678.
? For netcat TCP server use port 6xyz. Example port: 6678
After performing and understanding the above steps, answer the following sub-questions
(a) Submit your capture file as netcat.pcap on Moodle. The single file must contain all
packets of the TCP exchange using your assigned port and using your ID and name. [3

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