Aquarius Advertising Agency



Aquarius Advertising Agency



  • They should adapt the matrix structure.


  • For every project, they should set up a team specialist responsible in satisfying the client’s needs.


  • Every team should have an account executive, which they can managed their work.


  • No communications between specialists and clients before the project process closed.


  • There is no secret between clients and specialists.


  • Change their policy and they should be more strict policies, especially for the communications between clients and specialists, and the communications have be under the management control.


  • Change the technology that the organizations use now to newer technology, its important to the organization to hear the clients feedback in order to improve the specialists work.


  • Redesign the organization structure.


  • Changing the leaderships level.


  • Create two sprite departments for marketing and creative.






Section III:


  1.   What is the learning from that week’s information?


I have learned form this chapter three important points functional, divisional, and geographic designs. Every each structure has specific design.


  1. How is this week’s information related/integrated with previous week’s



This week’s information related/integrated with previous week’s information by how organization theory shows different kind of structural design to give every each person in the organization their positions.



Section IV:



  1. Reflect on your work environment issues that are similar to the chapter content?


I have learned from this chapter the similarity from my previous work experience, how we used those materials to develop our department and how successful we turned.


  1. Apply the content to the chapter to the case assignments (see separate section of syllabus)?


I have learned from the case analysis that communication is important between the employees and the managers, technology helps the organization to grow and managed.


Section V:


  • Your career goals


My current career goal is how to use the organization structure in my personal life, school and in my job in the future.


  1. Your current work experiences?


I have gained some good points from this week and I have learned how I can use this materials in our real life and how successful it would help our organizations.

  1. Any other learning points that you would like to discuss, including questions that your new knowledge raises?


I have learned several points from organization structure and I am looking foreword to use it and that would help me to improve my abilities in my future career.






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