assessment plan

• Assessment For Learning Plan: Assessment Blueprint for formative assessments
The candidate will develop, over the course of the performance standards addressed, an assessment plan in the candidate’s content area. Assignments, reflection, and group work each week will build toward the satisfactory completion of this project.
The candidate will choose a standard, either one from the CCGPS (ELA or Mathematics) or one from the GPS (Science or Social Studies), with four learning targets. Assignments over the course of the semester will help you build this assessment plan, including determining achievement targets, creating appropriate measures for each target, and developing sound scoring mechanisms. Candidates enrolled in SE 607 will assist each other by critiquing each piece of the plan as it is developed. This assignment is a product learning target and will be developed over time with opportunities to audit and revise before final submission.

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You have been hired as a data analyst and one of your first tasks includes selecting a car, primarily for your use, that will become part of the company fleet

COMPETENCIES 4033.1.1 : Advanced Elements of Data Visualization The graduate describes the fundamentals of effective story-telling through data visualization. 4033.1.2 : Configure Data for Visualization The graduate configures data for visualization. 4033.1.3 : Visualizing Data Patterns….

Hispanics and diabetes

Evidence-based treatment for the Hispanic diabetic patient include the following medications: pioglitazone hydrochloride (a thiazolidinedione, 30 mg/d); irbesartan (an angiotensin receptor blocker, 150 mg/d titrated to 300 mg/d); hydrochlorothiazide (an….


Chapter 2. How to evaluate a dream? One may ask, why even evaluate a dream? If a successful venture is merely a dream, let us simply invest and hope for….