Case Study – Housing NSW is an agency of the Department of Family and Community Services that is responsible for the provision and management of public housing services with the aim to prevent homelessness in the state of New South Wales, Australia

Case Study: Housing NSW

Housing NSW is an agency of the Department of Family and Community Services that is responsible for the provision and management of public housing services with the aim to prevent homelessness in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Housing NSW provides a range of services including public and community housing, housing for people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds, support services for people with special needs linked to government and non-government agencies, private rental assistance and subsidies, advice and assistance for home-buyers, the development of affordable housing, community regeneration, and development and regulation of social housing policies.

“Our vision is a simple client experience, where modern technology and straightforward processes empower staff to deliver great client service and enable clients to choose how they interact with us and manage their own information”.

Imagine that you are the system analyst in the initial stages of the project. The projects aim is to build a system ‘MyHousing’ that will allow clients to submit applications online, clients can apply for housing assistance or make a change to their application, quickly and easily. This service is available 24/7. It enables clients to upload supporting documents and confirm identity and income information online. Client application forms are then integrated automatically into back end systems, significantly reducing administrative tasks.

Note: This is a real project, so there will be many sources of information available for you to research. This MyHousing project is actually complete and in use, however, when you are completing this assessment and writing the vision document assume the project is in the early stages and the system has not yet been built.


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Further background

Refer to the Project Vision Document submitted in Assessment Item 1 regarding MyHousing project. In this assignment, you are required to prepare a proposal that describes the various system analysis activities for proposed system.


Complete the Following


Please refer to the marking guide when preparing your response to see what criteria and standards will be used to assess your work and your progress.


Amongst the information sought are answers to the following questions:


  1.    Identify and briefly describe the functional and non-functional requirements for the proposed system. (3 pages, times new roman, size 12)
  2.    List the domain classes and their attributes for the proposed system and draw a domain model class diagram. Be creative and add those domain classes you think should be included to make the system useful and appealing.
  3.    Write a fully developed use case description using any use case for the proposed system.
  4.    Develop system sequence diagrams for any two use cases, one diagram for each use case. Be creative, use opt frame and alt frame (if-else) where possible.


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This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

  • be able to compare and contrast the different methodologies of systems analysis and evaluate their appropriateness for different and complex situations.
  • be able to distinguish between requirement gathering techniques and combine these appropriately to apply to a real scenario.
  • be able to evaluate development requirements and prepare a feasibility proposal based on multi-disciplinary (financial, human resource, technological) analyses.
  • be able to formulate and justify system requirement models based on evaluation of given situations.
  • be able to assemble the components of a requirements model using the tools and techniques of object oriented or structured systems modelling.
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