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Androids and the Mind/Body Problem

Note: In order to complete this assignment, you need to have read the Star Trek episode synopsis found in the Module/Week 3 Reading & Study folder along with chapter 3 of the Hasker textbook. You also need to have viewed the video presentation “The Mind/Body Problem” and the PointeCast presentation “Proposed Solutions to the Mind/Body Problem.” If you have not done so, stop now to read and view that material.   Science fiction literature often raises philosophical issues and is a great source for philosophical speculation. This is especially true for the mind/body problem. For example, it is common in science fiction literature to encounter androids. An android is a robot which resembles a human being in appearance and behavior. Examples of androids in science fiction books, television….

understanding the mental state of a criminal

Forensic psychology denotes a unique aspect in the legal environment. Most importantly, in the law enforcement field, it has become mandatory to implement forensic psychology to comprehend the mental state of a criminal. As such understanding, not only how the legal system prevails but also the operational dynamics of the relevant statutes presents a need for analysis of sociopaths. In the recent years, forensic psychology has become a field of concern in deciphering and understanding the mental state of a criminal. The pertinent trend about forensic psychology has been the appreciation of the field as an important facet of the learning environment. In the turn of the twenty-first venture, Brennan, et al., (2012) emphasizes that there were no individuals who had earned a doctorate in forensic psychology. The….

Informal Prospectus: Forensic Psychology

Bibliography and Research Sequence

Informal Prospectus: Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology is not a new aspect. Since the 1960’s Palmer developed comprehensive results emanating from three-year study of over 50 murderers (Kreis & Cooke, 2012). Through the analysis of the various murderers, Palmer managed to develop a forensic psychological analysis of the individuals in a manner that was based on analysis of their behavior. Through the approaches used in the current environment, there has been a focus towards development of an approach to describe a sociopath. Forensic psychology aims towards analysis of the information gathered at the crime scene to develop an abstract of what can be revealed about the individual that commits the crime. In the law enforcement sector, there have been tremendous steps towards the development of….