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Kant and Mill Morality view on Lying

Please answer this question: Whose position on lying do you find to be more convincing and whose position do you find to be more persuasive Kant’s or Mill’s? Make sure to explain WHY

No internet sources will be accepted. To support your argument, you can only use Kant’s grounding metaphysic book (2nd edition) and Utilitarianism Book by Mill

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Philosophies of Change and their Impact on Social Policy

0 pages with references answering the following questions:1- What is an Authority?2- What is the Port Authority?3- What is the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey?4-What is the organizational structure of the Port Authority? 5- Who does the Port Authority reports to?6- Why was the Port Authority created?7- What are some of the major ticket items in development by the Port Authority? 8- What occurred with the current Governor Chris Christie?9- Why did it occurred?10- Who is responsible?11- Why are the New Jersey Legislators investigated and not New York?12- What is your opinion on Authority?13- Can you name any other Authorities that have an impact whether directly or indirectly on your life in New York and your community in which you live?…..

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Concept, or problem within the realm of philosophy preferably in the business world.

The Response/Stasis Essay should demonstrate your grasp of some text, concept, or problem within the realm of philosophy preferably in the business world. You are asked, in this essay, to articulate, in 2 pages, single spaced, a theoretical question of your choosing and to respond as you see fit. I do expect logical density and appropriate style in your writing. Essay Element: Build a question Stasis: First paragraph: unbiased question. Real strong confident argument Argument internally comprehensive and coherent Build the argument Use �I�. No preaching Stasis driven instead of theses statement Stasis (situation): Start the stasis with an anecdote. Stasis driven: what is the nature of this thing, such as � Marx is wrong�. In the research we�ll go two ways: �marx is wrong and marx is….