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Testing on Prison Inmates: Drug Testing on Prisoners

Textbook: Baird: chapter 8 IOM Study (Augments Learning Activity Below) Created by Denise Cope, M.A. (adapted from a NYT article from August 13, 2006); If you would like to read the original article that Denise used go to: Learning Activities Paper: A Results Analysis of Drug Testing on Prisoners. Case Study: Testing on Prison Inmates Task at hand You are a member of the Ethics Committee for the federal prison system. Your job is to evaluate an expansion of a current government program whereby potentially risky pharmaceutical products would be tested on prison inmates. Currently, prisoners are able to choose to participate in a similar program in which they have the opportunity to be paid $300 to test out a variety of pharmaceuticals that pose….

Highlight the trails of the ontology.

Following the remarkable trails of the ontology; the subsequent data set that is more primarily in the numeric form has also been supplied with the appropriate research philosophy . The designed research philosophy that is named as the positivism has aimed to target at the numeric form of the data  The production of the data is based on the designed procedures that have to be applied in the study design to maximize the output along with engaging the least of the resources . In further follow up of the discussed design, the positivism acts on the development of the results that have been meant to be derived from the study. Since, it is capable of working at the numeric form of the data; therefore, it has been marked….

make a psychological experiment to investigate the claim (need to specify independent and dependent variables)


Hi. I need a new 2500 word essay in APA Style. Like the “the shopping addiction”.

About: “Eating disorders are caused by the sustained and high prevalence of advertisements depicting the ideal female body as excessively thin.”

Key points (write an introduction method section) – not results of discussion BUT predict or anticipate the results and discussion in our intro and Method

1) make a psychological experiment to investigate the claim (need to specify independent and dependent variables)

2) a proposal on how can we test the statements

3) propose a design for investigating the hypotheses (specify some tools we will rely on and we choose it)



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