Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA)

The title page and reference page will not be counted towards the page requirement. Must research the nursing field CRNA and write a paper that must include the title page, introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion, & references.
1) Grabber Sentence
2) History on how the nursing career developed, must include salary, and what a CRNA does.
3) Topic sentence
5) Must use a Nursing Theory – I chose the theory: ACUTE PAIN MANAGEMENT – Shirley Moore

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Case Study Details – Melody King, 36, Peritonitis following ruptured appendix:

Ms. Melody King presented to the Emergency department with 2-3 days of severe Right Lower Quadrant abdominal pain, which required emergency laparoscopic surgery for removal of a ruptured appendix. She….

Determine a nursing practice problem that is of interest to you and that is appropriate for a quantitative research study

Formulating a specific, applicable research problem statement is an important step in beginning a research process. The problem statement defines the focus of the research study, dictates what methods and….

Concept maps allow the student to visually describe the disease, clinical manifestations, and evidence-based pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic interventions

.  The goal of the concept map assignment is to identify a specific disease, discuss the usual etiology, clinical manifestations, diagnostic criteria, pharmacological treatment and patient education for the treatment….