comprehend and apply HRD knowledge, professional practice and further learning to boost organisational success

After completion of this assessment you should be able to:
1. apply contemporary and emerging HRD concepts and principles to strategic organisational challenges
2. identify HRD needs in a workplace context, design appropriate interventions and evaluate the effectiveness of these interventions
3. comprehend and apply HRD knowledge, professional practice and further learning to boost organisational success
4. analyse and associate contemporary operational HRD issues in the workplace

The third task requires the students to develop a plan for a proposed training program for an organisation. Students are asked to conduct a needs analysis with an organisation and use data and evidence to identify the HRD needs, and then develop an HRD program to address this need. Students need to demonstrate their knowledge in applying the learning in the course into the justification and the design of the HRD program, and they also need to consider potential evaluation strategies.

Assessment guideline:
The report should include information on:
• Training needs analysis
• Identification of key learning objectives and plans of instruction, with appropriate use of learning techniques
• How adult learning principles and individual differences in learning are taken into consideration
• Possible training evaluations strategies and strategies in supporting training transfer
An illustrative framework of the HRD process is shown below. Please use this or similar frameworks in designing your proposed training design.


Assessment Task 3 will be assessed against the following criteria:
• Justification of the training program given the context of the organisation being chosen.
• Appropriate design of the training program including learning objectives, lesson/program plan and techniques being used to conduct the training.
• Appropriate use of evaluation strategies and plans for ensuring training transfer.
• Analysis and synthesis of relevant HRD literature (minimum 12 articles).
• Clearly written style (spelling, grammar, syntax etc.) and appropriate RMIT Harvard style referencing (in-text and list of references, following Easy Cite.

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