Consider current trends in media consumption in Australia. What do these trends suggest about the viability of the media sector you have chosen? What are its prospects and challenges compared to other sectors. Any present regulations and implications?

The media industry sector analysis provides you with an opportunity to research and critically examine a particular sector of the media industry in Australia. Possible sectors to look at include (but are not limited to) newspapers, television, public broadcasting, radio, online media, cinema, book publishing, magazine publishing, indigenous media, and independent and community media.

In 2,000 words you will need to answer the following question:

Consider current trends in media consumption in Australia. What do these trends suggest about the viability of the sector you have chosen? What are its prospects compared to other sectors. In other words, is your chosen sector doing well and likely to continue to do well in the future, or is it changing, struggling or likely to do poorly in the future? Why? And what are the major challenges/opportunities faced by the sector? How are different organisations within the sector dealing with the present situation, perhaps in different ways and with varying degrees of success?

Your analysis should engage with key concepts in the subject themes, case studies, theories, concepts and debates where relevant. You are also free to make international comparisons as warranted (though be careful: you don’t have much space!)

Do remember that this is a scholarly exercise, not an exercise in opinion writing! So it’s important to back up your analysis with evidence, which might reference such things as audience demographics, government policies, information on ownership, information on particular companies and their finances, advertising and other revenue as well as and other factors which will impact upon the media industries in Australia.

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