Create a WBS in MS Project or your chosen PM tool

This lab assignment gives you a chance to practice creating a WBS within MS Project or your chosen PM software tool. It is due at the end of Week Four.


•  Create a WBS in MS Project or your chosen PM tool


•  This lab assignment follows the construction example described in the MS Project Tutorial in your textbook, appendix B.

[NOTE:  I am NOT asking you to work through the entire tutorial in Appendix B!!!   The objective is for each student to show evidence of having selected, downloaded/installed (if necessary) a PM tool, and get your feet wet entering just the WBS into the tool.   This is a very simple assignment and should take only a few minutes once you have selected and installed the PM software of your choice.]    Please don’t over-think it.

•  Your WBS should be created in your chosen PM tool for the tasks listed below
•  Submit your document to the instructor via Canvas as an image file (.jpg, .pdf, .gif)


Imagine that you are a project manager for a construction company.  You must create a WBS for the Site Preparation phase of this project.  Here is a list of tasks.

Task Title Predecessors Duration   A Contract Approval — 5   B Site Survey A 5   C Permit Application A 4   D Grading B,C 5   E Sewer Lines B 7   F Base Paving D 3   G City Approval C,F 6   H Final Paving E,G 8

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