creating a small model of a health records system, complete with Patients, Doctors, Diseases, and Treatments.

For the first part of the project, I am supplying a spreadsheet of data, and it is your job to write a python program to load and store this data in a way that will be easy to retrieve and manipulate easily.

Click to download data (there are 4 sheets in the file, do not miss them)



Additionally, I want you to print the following data to show you have created/ entered it in properly:

  1. All patients, sorted backwards Alphabetically
  2. Primary care doctors (only)
  3. Each Patient’s primary care doctor
  4. The grand total cost of all the treatments listed

Numbers 3 and 4 might take a bit of research and thought to properly calculate and display. Also, please format the output so it it is clear and readable what is being printed (not just a long line of names/words).


We will be doing more with the data in part 2. We will also be adding diseases and treatments records for the patients themselves, so make sure to keep in mind how you will be doing that when you create this program.


As before, you will be submitting one *.py file, and a screenshot of your program output.

Extra help


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