Paper required:  no less than 3 full page

You can write your report on any live theater/stage presentation that you attend during the 2020 Spring semester. PLEASE BRING A PROGRAM OR TICKET STUB FROM THE SHOW.

What to consider:

Production: What was the name of the production and where did you see it?

Time Frame: When and where did the play take place (within the script)?

Conflict: What was the plot and major conflict in the play?

Tone: What was the dominant tone? Light, serious, moody, comical?

Acting: Choose two or more character and describe their roles in the play. Where the actors cast appropriately and did they do their jobs conveying the characters they were playing?

Set Design: Did the set (or lack of) contribute to the overall production?

Costumes: How about the use of costumes and make-up?

Lighting: Was there special lighting used or special effects?

Sound: What about sound effects and music?

Conclusion: What was your overall impression of the production? Did you go alone or with a friend? What were the general responses from the audience? Were they engaged: laughing, clapping, sighing? Or did they remain passive and unresponsive?

GRADING FOR PLAY REPORTS The play report is worth 100 points. If a student writes an additional theatre critical report it is worth up to 25 extra credit points. For each day it is late, 20 points will be deducted from the final score.

The reports will be graded on the following scale:

0-20 points – Correctly following the instructions for the assignment.

0-20 points – For the structure of the report. Did the report have a good beginning, middle, and end?

0-20 points – The report will focus, with specific examples from the material on these elements: acting; directing; scenery; costume/makeup; lighting; sound.

0-20 points – For the content of the report. Did the report have a good combination of subjective responses? Did the report answer the question, why?

0-20 points – For the grammar and spelling of the report. Was the report clear and free of run-on sentences and grammatical errors? Was the paper checked for spelling?

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