Critical analysis of Change4Life Campaign

Use Subheadings– but do not use more subheadings than listed below


● Signpost reader to the contents of your essay

Campaign Overview

● Identify the campaign you are focusing on
● What is the purpose (aims & objectives, key message) of the campaign?
● Who initiated the campaign?
● Who is the target audience?
● What is the time frame?
● How was the campaign funded? – outline the costs and resources for the campaign?
● What are the partnership or collaborative elements of this campaign?
● What type(s) of media have been used for this campaign?
● How is (was) the campaign evaluated and monitored?

Context of the campaign

● How does this campaign relate to recent relevant research? What is the evidence base underpinning the interventions/tools of the campaign?

● Explain how the campaign relates to recent/current health policy, legislation, programmes or interventions?
o Where does your campaign ‘stem from’? Where does it sit in the political agenda?
o Is the campaign in line with policy? Do statements of intent ‘match up’?
o Is there any gap between what is set out in the campaign vs the current policy? What issues can be identified here?
o What are other relevant Health Promotion campaigns?

● What are the theoretical underpinnings of the campaign?
o Relate your campaign to one or two theories
o Remember to relate theory to practice! Give specific examples of how and why the campaign shows similarities to theory

Evaluation of the campaign

● Present evidence on the effectiveness and impact of your chosen campaign
o Use peer reviewed articles in support of your arguments
o Link the evidence you cite together with your discussion on theoretical underpinnings of the campaign – do the results reflect issues with the design of the campaign and how can Health Promotion theory help us understand this?

● What are the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign?

● What would have helped to make the campaign more effective? Consider wider policy initiatives. If relevant, use examples from other contexts or campaigns.

Conclusion and Recommendations

● Review the aims & objectives of the campaign
o To what extent have these been achieved? Refer back to the evidence you presented in the Evaluation section

● Provide 2 recommendations for the health promotion campaign. These must be based on evidence.

● Provide 2 recommendations for health policy related to your issue. These must be based on evidence.

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