Critical Review

Submit four, one-page critical reviews of the specified readings (McMaster & Austin; Connell; Hickling-Hudson & Ferreira; Giroux).

In your critical reviews should endeavour to indicate:

The point of this article or chapter
What you imagine the author wants readers to gain from reading it
The author’s line of argument
The material used to support the argument
Any theoretical perspective or methodological approach used
How plausible or convincing you find this argument and why

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You have been hired as a data analyst and one of your first tasks includes selecting a car, primarily for your use, that will become part of the company fleet

COMPETENCIES 4033.1.1 : Advanced Elements of Data Visualization The graduate describes the fundamentals of effective story-telling through data visualization. 4033.1.2 : Configure Data for Visualization The graduate configures data for visualization. 4033.1.3 : Visualizing Data Patterns….

Hispanics and diabetes

Evidence-based treatment for the Hispanic diabetic patient include the following medications: pioglitazone hydrochloride (a thiazolidinedione, 30 mg/d); irbesartan (an angiotensin receptor blocker, 150 mg/d titrated to 300 mg/d); hydrochlorothiazide (an….


Chapter 2. How to evaluate a dream? One may ask, why even evaluate a dream? If a successful venture is merely a dream, let us simply invest and hope for….