Describe, critically analyse and reflect upon the ways in which you have applied communication skills and relevant theoretical concepts to your practice.

Case study:
From your placement experience, select an interview or a series of interviews you have had with a service-user(s). Describe, critically analyse and reflect upon the ways in which you have applied communication skills and relevant theoretical concepts to your practice. (2000 words)
Please use 2.0 line spacing and include a word count excluding in-text referencing at the end of the submission.

Assessment information:
We recommend that you follow the format shown below and each section should integrate theory, research and practice.

2020 Practice One Assignment Guidance.docx

Section A: Introduction – aprox 100 words
Provide a brief summary of:
The type and role of the agency
Your role within the agency.
The purpose of your interviews with the service user(s)
Ensure the service user and placement organisation are anonymous. You can do this by making up a name (pseudonym) and letting your reader know this at the start. Double check your work to make sure that the organisation or the service user cannot be traced.

Guidance:  The word ‘interview’ can be used in a wide sense so long as it is face to face communication. It should be some sort of interaction with a SU that requires planning and reflection.

If you need to, you can use the same case study that you are using for your PDA module. Please be mindful about self plagiarising issues.

Section B Main Body – aprox 1700 words in total (350 words for each learning outcome).
In this section, you must address Learning Outcomes 1-5 in relation to the case study.

LO1 – Analyse and consider the application of theories which social workers use in their practice to assist service users to effect change in their lives.
Guidance: Demonstrate and evaluate the use of theories within SW practice. You will be using a theoretical approach (theory, method or model) to show how you have used and applied one SW theory/method/model to effect change in your chosen case study.

LO 2 – Demonstrate how you have used reflection and reflective tools to understand ADP/AOP at both personal and structural levels.
Guidance:  Consider the use of anti-oppression and or anti-discriminatory practice. Within your research, look at the theoretical concepts to consider how reflection and reflective models help social workers to develop an understanding of oppression and discrimination at all levels and the impacts upon service users’ lives? You can refer to models of reflection such as Kolb’s Learning Cycle or models of AOP/ADP such as Thompson’s PCS model to reflect Apply this theoretical discussion to your chosen case study

LO 3 – Demonstrate and evaluate the core communication (including inter-professional communication) and interviewing skills required in a range of social work settings.
Guidance:  Explore and analyse the theoretical concepts that underpin communication in SW practice either by critically exploring the components of effective communication or applying one model of communication eg motivational interviewing, SOLAR or transactional analysis.   Apply this theoretical discussion to your chosen case study. In addition, explore how working with other professionals can have an impact on your practice. Apply this theoretical discussion to your case study.

LO 4 – Describe and analyse the principles of the assessment and management of risk.
Guidance: How did you use theoretical concepts and research to inform your practice in relation to identifying, assessing and managing risk during the interview process?

  • LO5 – Identify ways of working in partnership with SU and maximising the choices available to them.
    Guidance: Demonstrate that you have an understanding of how to apply theories of partnership to help you to work with your service user and other professionals.

    Section C – Conclusion -aprox 150 words
    In this section, you are expected to draw your work together by reflecting on your interview(s) with the service user(s), key messages and indicate how your work has made a difference.

    As with most conclusions, there is no need to introduce any new information here. Your key messages can be obtained from the research that you have discussed above. It is important to point out what difference your work may have met for the service user. Please keep this in the third person.

    Academic writing – level 5

  • Please ensure that you understand the expectations of level 5 writing and that this is demonstrated in your work.
  • You will be required to describe, analyse and evaluate concepts in your writing. Remember, it is better to write about fewer items in greater depth then to mention many items.
  • This is an academic assignment, so it is not enough to merely describe what you did with your chosen case study, this is contained within your portfolio. This is an opportunity to explore and analyse the theoretical concepts of practice and then demonstrate how you applied that theoretical understanding to inform your practice.
  • You can use headings if you prefer.
  • Remember, this is an academic assignment so ensure your writing is in an appropriate academic format and applied to the case study.  For example, rather than writing ‘I worked with Daniel using systems theory…., suggest systems theory would enable Daniel to discuss his life style choice.

    How your assessment is graded:

    You are required to pass both components of the assessment, the Case study AND the portfolio in order to pass the module.
    If you fail your placement the grade for your case study will not appear on e-vision as both components have not been passed, similarly, if you do not pass the case study you will not be able to progress to your next placement until you have resubmitted the case study and passed.
    In order to pass this module, students are required to achieve an overall mark of 40%.
    In addition, students are required to:
    (a) Achieve the qualifying mark for each element of fine grade assessment as specified above.
    (b) Pass any pass/fail elements.

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