Develop an Entity Relationship (ER) model to characterize the information requirements of business illustrates in the case study mentioned above. The diagram of your ER model must

Task 1: Database Modelling (Total marks: 7.5%)


  • Develop an Entity Relationship (ER) model to characterize the information requirements of business illustrates in the case study mentioned above. The diagram of your ER model must: -Marks: 25% out of the total marks ( 7.5%)


  1. Demonstrate all necessary entities
  2. Demonstrate all attributes
  3. The relationships between entities


  1. Demonstrate unique identifiers and nature of interaction among entities


  • Discovered business rules for your ERD -Marks: 5% out of the total marks ( 7.5%)
  • Map the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) into a set of relations in at least Third Normal Form (3NF). You should show that each relation satisfies the rules for 1NF, 2NF, and

-Marks: 20%  out of the total marks ( 7.5%)
For example STUDENT (StudentID, FirstName, SecondName, Phone). This relation is in 1NF as it does not contain any repeating groups and show primarykey.

Data dictionary:

Your report must also include a data dictionary. You should briefly describe all entities and attributes are included, descriptions are clear, reasonable field formats, etc. For example,

Data Type Other
Student No. A     unique identifier of Students Integer(8) Index – Yes (No Duplicate)
Given Name First name of students Text(20) Example, “Reuben”
Family Name Family name     of
Text(20) Example, “Steel”
Phone No. Phone no. of students Integer(12) Not Null
Street No. Street no. of students Integer(6) Not Null
City City where
students live
Text(10) Example, “Melbourne”
State State where student
Integer(6) Example, “Victoria”
Post code Postcode of students Integer(8) Not Null
Job Type Job type of students Text(15) Example, “Part –Time”
Positions Positions of Students Text(20) Example, “Mentoring”
Roaster Schedule of work Date       & Time DD/MM/YYYY
Facility Type Type       of facility Text(20) Example, “pool-table”


Task 2: Database Implementation (Total Marks: 7.5%)


  1. Implement your data dictionary to create a relational database in PhPMyAdmin.


  1. Populate the database with sample data. Adequate sample data must be included to show that the queries, view(s), and report(s) work properly


  1. Design the following three forms and two reports, requiring a separate query to assure every of the following information needs:


  1. A Student information entry form
  2. A form to allow the director to change Member details and update the job and roster information without losing data integrity
  3. A report that prints the students address details
  4. A form for the director to fill in the jobs for the up-coming week with the volunteers available
  5. A report that lists all of the people with particular dietary requirements so that this can be given to the chef before social functions


Grades Description ( Very very important to consider)


Grade Description
A Confirmed a clear understanding of the concepts and issues applicable to the tasks, and their wider implications, in a substantiated view that was organised and cohesive. Demonstrated a very high level of scholarship. Used fluent and persuasive language with assurance and precision, to achieve a highly effective communication with the reader.
B Demonstrated understanding of the complexities of the concepts and issues relevant to the tasks. Achieved effective selection and ordering of ideas. Demonstrated a high level of scholarship. Presented a view on the proposition with
confidence, using fluent and persuasive language
C Recognized major aspects of the tasks. Demonstrated an adequate level of scholarship. Achieved a coherent ordering of ideas and expressed a view in clear and accurate language
D Recognized some aspects of the tasks. Demonstrated some evidence of scholarship. Presented some ideas relevant to the proposition. Demonstrated adequate organisation and language control


Submission Procedures and Required Format

 Your report is to be written in English, on A4 pages. The report should be written in clear, plain language, so that non-experts can easily understand it. Your report should be addressed to the Managing Director of your proposed organisation, and should briefly re-state the tasks you were required to perform and detail the material produced. Include brief instructions on how to view your system structures, design and implemented. Please note that the Managing Director is familiar with computers, but has a very limited understanding of technologies such as PhPMyAdmin and WordPress. Attach all relevant designs and support materials in an appendix.
All sources quoted in your report should be detailed in a Reference Section.
The submitted work will therefore comprise:

  1. Your report .
  2. Relvant designs and support material .
  3. Sources detailed in a reference section .


Report writing


  • Assignment cover page (must include, Your name, student ID, subject name, your website name, lecturer name) , Please indicate for me the website name .
  • Introduction of your database system
  • Summary of database included functions
  • Database screen shots and their descriptions
  • References (if any)
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