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Order No: 11333 Number Of Pages: 1 Number of sources: 1 Topic: Discuss Essay Subject or discipline: Sociology Title: Writers choice Paper instructions: Attached Please read Chapter 3 and focus on the terms ‘ethnocentrism’ and ‘cultural relativism’. For this discussion board forum, I would like you to apply these terms to a real-life scenario.

In 1997, two Iraqi brothers, aged 34 and 28, were charged under Nebraska law with the statutory rape of their wives, aged 13 and 14, whom they married in Iraq in accordance with Muslim law and the customs of their native southern Iraq. Were these charges ethnocentric or were they inappropriate? In other words, try to apply both ethnocentrism (“my way is the normal and best way to act”) and cultural relativism (“I should try to understand their actions according to their beliefs, not mine”) and tell me whether they should have been charged or not. The final answer you come to is not nearly as important as whether you can understand and make arguments for both side of this issue.

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