Discuss – Terminating Employees

Unfortunately, one of the most universal yet unfortunate aspects of HR management – and supervision – is the need to periodically terminate employees. The important thing is to make sure it’s done fairly and legally, and the people you are dealing with are treated with respect.

First of all, the evaluation of ALL employees should be a regular occurence.

As you’re going through this process it’s important to make sure you are documenting activities should it become necessary to take further action:

Now, you’re come to the point where an employee is a candidate for termination. What should you do? First, listen to former GE CEO Jack Welch talk about whether it’s necessary and how to do it;

Lastly, here are the bases you need to make sure you cover:

Louis, your best manager, comes to you and says he has an employee that has to go. He knows he probably needs to have more “in the file” explaining his issues, but he swears he has had multiple conversations with this employee about their performance with no progress having been made. Louis’ record is impeccable with your company – and the department results as they relate to this employee would make you think he’s correct in his conclusions.For his own sake you can’t let him jut do what he wants..,but what WOULD you tell him to do? Please post 150 words (plus 2 25 word replies to other posts) and address the issue:

– why you can’t let him just fire the person

– what info does he need?

– what should he do over the next 60 days?

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