discuss what should happen when a provider doesn't meet agreed upon service levels or has missed the minimum performance standards specified in the agreement.

SLAs use service quality metrics to express measurable QoS characteristics. Select two metrics from the list and provide a descriptive explanation of the importance of including these metrics in the SLA.

Please indicate the priority that should be placed on the metrics you selected when negotiating an SLA.

  • Availability – up-time, outages, service duration
  • Reliability – minimum time between failures, guaranteed rate of successful responses
  • Performance – capacity, response time, and delivery time guarantees
  • Scalability – capacity fluctuation and responsiveness guarantees
  • Resiliency – mean-time to switchover and recovery
  • Security – security measures such as anti-virus updates and patching

Respond substantively to at least two other students’ posts. In your response posts, discuss what should happen when a provider doesn’t meet agreed upon service levels or has missed the minimum performance standards specified in the agreement.

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