Does media serve to represent society well?

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for each of the 3 questions write 3 sentences. do not put it in an essay form so write a paragraph(3 sentences) for each of the 3 questions

As you complete the assigned reading (((((which Im going to attach it here))) please submit short answers to the Three Things to Know

  • 1.           We have briefly discussed whether media reflects who we are or directs us to do what it says. Your reading gives insight into possibilities of how and who media can reflect? Do you see merit to any of those ideas? If so, which one is the most compelling? If not, why don’t you find any compelling?
  • 2.        Does media serve to represent society well? It may never be a perfect replica of society, but is it an accurate representation? Why or why not? What does it do well? What can it do better?
  • 3.          Think about the social inequalities in society (not in the media). How are those inequalities represented in media? Are they represented?
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