evaluate and justify industrial applications of pneumatics and hydraulics-As industrial companies develop they are always looking to improve productivity, whether it being the manufacturing sector or food production.



Most industries now apply the use of Fluid Power equipment to help increase productivity and achieve better results, but to be able to determine what equipment/systems is needed extensive research & development has to be carried out.

Task 1


With the increasing use of fluid power systems in the engineering sector it is becoming more of a necessity to apply hydraulic and/or pneumatic equipment to aid in a given industrial application.

Produce a written report that evaluates and justifies the use of both pneumatic and hydraulic powered equipment for given industrial applications (your choice or fluid power system).


This provides evidence for P4.1

Task 2


The following specification has been provided for your to design a sequential circuit and select the correct equipment to carry out the operation:


An operator is to load a ready-to-size piece of material that requires drilling. Before drilling commences it is necessary for the material to be clamped in place to eliminate movement, which is provided by two fixed surfaces (perpendicular to drilling base plate) and two pneumatic linear actuators. Drilling is carried out by pneumatic means, both linear and rotary actuators. Once processed the article is then ejected from the fixed position, ready for the next workpiece to be loaded and processed.


For this task you are to:


a)     Produce a one page detailed document that describes how your designed manufacturing system

operates, and;

b)    Research into the cost of constructing this system and provide a ‘Capitol Cost’ report to your superior.


This provides evidence for P4.2, D1, D2

Task 3


Following on from task 2 produce a presentation for your tutor that identifies the health & safety requirements that relates to your fluid power systems (6 slides max). The topics of your slides must include:


– Circuit design;

– Equipment installation;

– Fluid power maintenance, and;

– Utilisation of system.


Provide detailed notes on each slide that discusses each topic of your fluid power system.


This provides evidence for P4.3, M1








[Summarise evidence required, e.g. ‘leaflet’,

‘presentation notes’ etc.]

Evidence presented

[tick boxes]

Task 1 Written report that evaluates and justifies the use of pneumatic and hydraulics for systems that the learner has identified  
Task 2 i) Circuit design of specified system

ii) Written details of the manufacturing system (max. one page)

iii) Capitol Cost document that is to be submitted to a supervisor

Task 3 PowerPoint presentation on the H&S issues relating to a fluid power systems (linked with task 2)  
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