Global Issues In Hospitality And Tourism

For this assignment, I am writing a case study on the global issues the Nobu brand encounters globally. Listed below I provided the ‘prompt’ of my paper and what I am looking to be analyzed and discussed. I have provided the draft of my report so more information can be added and not duplicated in what I already have. The inclusion of charts, graphs and figures are welcomed. I would like to have the paper formatted and structured the way it lists in the requirements towards the bottom. Additional sources and APA citations are needed as well.

“Discuss how the Nobu brand expanded from one restaurant in the US to an international brand including hotels globally. I wanted to analyze and discuss the benefits as well as difficulties Nobu encounters in trying to keep with the standards of all of his brands while also having to deal with rules/regulations of the countries he decides to open up his properties. ”

The case study must focus on a specific topic, highlight the relevant literature that exists on that topic, and examine the ways in which the hospitality and tourism industry prepares for and responds to these situations. The goal is to identify a hospitality or tourism organization that demonstrates best practices in your area of interest. Case studies may be compiled from field research, published sources and/or generalized experience. Case studies do not have to follow a specific structure.

However, each case study is expected to include sections related to the following topics:

a). abstract

b). key words

c). introduction to the topic

d). a background of the subject organization and of the topic;

e). an analysis of the dilemma;

f). a section explaining the questions and dilemmas of the case study;

g). related bibliography and additional reading.

The case studies must be of maximum 5,000 words excluding figures, tables, annexes and bibliography. The case studies will be evaluated against three criteria: content, theoretical underpinning, and presentation. Case studies must adhere to and follow the submission guidelines of case study writing.

All case studies must be accompanied by a short abstract of not more than 100 words and a list of no more than six key words, which define the subject matter.

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