Global marketing-Cow & Gate to India


Overview of assessment

The second task will contribute 60% to your final module mark and will comprise an international, medium-term strategic marketing plan for the firm that you have analysed in the first task.  This task will specifically assess learning outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.


The select organisation is “Cow & Gate”

The international market is India.

This is Report style assessment, please read the report 1 I uploaded.  Then, follow report 1 to expand this assessment. Use different model (SOWT Analysis , PEST, Fine Market Screening ) to explain this organisation expand business to new international market.


Assignment brief

You have been hired by an organisation in your home* country which is seeking international market expansion opportunities for one of its products, services, or brands. Your remit is to first carry out analysis (task one) and to then produce a medium-term strategic marketing plan (task two), based on the findings of your analysis, for entry into the international market.

You must firstly make the decision as to your choice of organisation. We recommend that you choose a firm of which you have some background knowledge.

You can research any international market, providing that you can find opportunities in that market for your firm’s product or brand. However, you must ensure that the firm you choose has not already launched** the product, service, or brand into the market you are investigating; your brief is to find a new market opportunity.

* You may select an organisation that is owned by a parent company outside of your home country providing that your product, service, or brand is marketed from your home country.

** If the company you choose is already fulfilling occasional orders to the market you are investigating then it is okay for you to continue to research that market. You must not choose a market, however, for which your firm has already developed a strategic marketing plan to actively target that market.


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