how effective leadership impacts on staff performance in retail tool hire

Suggested Layout of dissertation:

            Title Pages Pages with name of project, research and supervisor, dedication and appreciation
Abstract 300-word summary of the entire project generally presented in one paragraph (not part of word count)
Table of Contents Including lists of tables, figures, photographs (not part of word count)
Chapter One – Introduction 1000 words A brief introduction to the entire thesis or report
Chapter Two – Literature review 1800 words Contains the theoretical framework for the research project
Chapter Three – Research methodology 1200 words Contains the methodological framework for the research project
Chapter Four – Data analysis and discussion 2000 words Contains the analytical framework for the research project
Chapter Five – Conclusions and recommendations 1000 words Contains the fully-developed, well-conceptualised conclusions from the research and usually a bullet point list of the recommendations drawn from the conclusions
References A complete list of all sources used within the text in Harvard Referencing style (not part of wordcount)
Appendices Each appendix contains a document/table/figure relevant to the research, and references and discussed in the research. Typically copies of letters seeking and granting permission for the research are contained in the appendices; copies of forms designed for the research such as informed consent form; copies of any data collection methods used in the research, for example a copy of the questionnaire, interview/focus group schedule. Long lists, and large tables and figures can be placed in appendices. (not part of wordcount)
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