Identify a need for an information system that helps solve a problem.

This Assignment assesses the student’s application of the theoretical learning to practical, real world
Students should identify a problem (s) in an organisation where you are currently working or
previously worked. Identify a need for an information system product (only one information system
product) that helps to solve problem. Do not focus on a problem that has already been solved. Also
do not focus on many problems at the same time.
The following areas should be covered in your assignment:
1. A brief introduction of the organisation selected. Identify a need for an information system
that helps solve a problem.
2. Provide a description of the problem, as much as possible in terms of loss of funding or profit
due to outdated systems use, poor systems, increased customer complaints; specific quality
concerns; high staff turnover; decreased market share.
3. The problems should then be considered and analyzed in terms of material drawn from any two
topics studied as part of this subject. For an example, you may choose to apply cloud-based
platform to solve an organisation problem, or use models or concepts related to IS. Try to
choose the topic models/concepts that seem to offer the most useful insights into the problem.
Do not try to deal with many models or concepts.
4. IT plays a strategic role by adding value and providing a competitive advantage through
innovative application of IT. Identify how IT adds business value to your organisation.
5. Design a change program or set of activities and procedures for improvements. The change
program or set of activities or procedures need to ensure that it solves the problem or
improves the situation. You also need to provide a list of recommendations.
6. A report of 1200 to 1500 words summarizing your analysis must be submitted on the due date.
Your report must have a cover page duly completed and signed, and it must be fully referenced.
7. Penalty for Late submission: a deduction of 5% of the total mark shall be imposed on each of
the next subsequent days.

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