Identify at one significant problem related to health and wellbeing in this case study. Write a brief paragraph which tells the reader “what is” the problem.

A. Select one of the case studies posted in Blackboard to complete the following sections.  You will be using this case study in subsequent assignments.

(i) Problem/Situation Description:   Identify at one significant problem related to health and wellbeing in this case study. Write a brief paragraph which tells the reader “what is” the problem.

Rationale as to Why this is a Problem: Write about how this problem connects to your definition of health and wellbeing (1 paragraph). Indicate “what is missing” or “the gap” that indicates the situation you have described is a problem that needs to be addressed.

A. Alternative Perspectives:

Two different perspectives are described in the case study. Write one paragraph for each perspective in which you respond to the following questions:

· From whose point of view is this perspective?

· What is justified or warranted from this perspective? Is there adequate evidence? If there are limits to this perspective, what are the limits?

· What is assumed or implicit in this perspective that needs to be made explicit?

· Overall, is this perspective reasonable? Explain your answer with a summary statement.

B. Select either the Ecological Systems or the Life Course Model to examine your case: Examine the context of the problem from the perspective taking approach.

For the Ecological System identify two different systems which are directly or indirectly involved in this problem: microsystem, mesostyem, exosystem, macrosystem, chronosytem.

1. Identify the system and write a brief definition for each

2. Describe/explain how this system is related to the specific problem identified in this assignment for each system


For the Life Course Model: identify two different events which may have contributed to this

specific problem: historical, economical, societal, psychological

1. Identify the event and write a brief definition for each

2. Explain how these two events may have compounded to produce this outcome.


Criteria:  See the rubric which follows.

The criteria identified will be used to grade your paper.


Rubric: Perspective Taking and Ecological Systems

Rating Scale 








I. Content:


A. Definition of Health and   Wellbeing.

Definition lacks any   clarity or not included

Includes definition but   ideas are not fully clear.

Concise/clear definition of   health and wellbeing; ideas are complete.


B. Problem

(i.) Problem description/ situation

(ii.) Rationale as to why this is a problem

Problem unclear and/or   unrelated to health and wellbeing

No connection between   definition and situation identified or did not use own definition

Identified a problem – but   problem is not significant; can be readily resolved

Indicates a problem – but   has not made the connection to own definition

Identified a significant problem   related to health and wellbeing,

Used own definition as a   basis as to why this is a problem


C. Alternative Perspectives

Perspective 1

Identified only limited (1-2) components and/or responses very   brief.

Identified only   selected (2-3) components and/or   response somewhat limited.

Thoroughly identified   all four components:

-Point of view

-Justified with evidence   and/or Limitations


-Overall, is perspective   reasonable


Perspective   2

Identified only   limited (1-2) components and/or   responses very brief.

Identified only   selected (2-3) components and/or   response somewhat limited.

Thoroughly identified   all four components:

-Point of view

-Justified with evidence   and/or Limitations


-Overall, is perspective   reasonable


D. Perspective Taking

No systems/events identified and/or defined incorrectly


Explained or applied   incorrectly.

Systems/events listed – but   not all are defined correctly


Limited explanation given   as related to the problem

Two ecological systems or   life course model events identified/ defined correctly


Fully explained as related

to the problem and model


II. Writing 


Citations and Reference   List

No citations given with the   paper and/or no references listed.

Some references identified   in list and/or not in APA format.

Identification of all   citations within the paper and references used in correct APA format


Writing  Process

5 or more errors in  punctuation, capitalization,  spelling, grammar, sentence or paragraph   structure

3 – 4 errors in

punctuation,   capitalization, spelling, grammar,   sentence or paragraph structure

0-2 errors in punctuation,   capitalization, spelling, grammar,   sentence or paragraph structure

Format for the Paper

This is a case study


William and Sarah have one daughter who is five years old. William works as a software designer for Microsoft and Sarah is a nurse, but currently stays home with Diana until she is old enough to start 1st grade. Diana is a fairly well behaved child and usually minds her parents’ wishes. But lately she has become a bit more independent and is revealing a stubborn streak. The current consequences do not seem to be working when Diana is truly upset.

William and Sarah have shared many lengthy conversations about discipline in their home, yet they still do not see eye to eye. William grew up on a farm with two other brothers and his father’s discipline came swift and sure when one of them got out of line. While his father rarely raised his voice, spanking with a hand or a leather belt was par for the course. William’s mother would sometimes slap him in the face to put him in his place. Sarah on the other hand, grew up in a household where physical violence was not tolerated. Instead discipline consisted as time-outs and conversations.

One day after a stressful day at work, William came home to find Diana throwing a temper tantrum and Sarah nonplussed as to what to do. He took of his jacket, untied his shoes, then calmly picked Diana up, set her over his knee, and gave her three sharp spanks. The whole thing was over in less than ten seconds. Sarah and Diana both fell eerily silent and William went into the bedroom to change for supper. Later that evening Sarah and William had a heated debate about the effects of corporal punishment in their home.

William’s Perspective:

Sometimes a little child needs to be put in their place. Timeouts were obviously not working and so drastic measures had to be taken. Sure, he had acted partially out of frustration, but it looked as if Sarah was not in control of the situation either. A little spanking can be good for a child who thinks they can do whatever they want. Besides, there was a pair of jeans between his hand and Diana’s backside—and he did not hit her with nears as much force as his father did. Sarah is overreacting and needs to have an open mind to see the clear benefits of spanking.

Sarah’s perspective:

Sarah is outraged that William would treat his daughter in this manner.  When an adult lays a hand on a child as punishment, the child will learn that physical violence solves problems. Diana had some red marks on her bum. What will happen if William gets really angry? Besides, Diana is a girl and more fragile than a wool-headed farm boy. William told her that until they can find a better way to control their daughter’s outbursts, he may have to resort to spanking once in a while. Sarah is adamant about not spanking Diana, but on the other hand she does not know what to do. How can she convince William that there is a better way?

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