Informal Prospectus: Forensic Psychology

Bibliography and Research Sequence

Informal Prospectus: Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology is not a new aspect. Since the 1960’s Palmer developed comprehensive results emanating from three-year study of over 50 murderers (Kreis & Cooke, 2012). Through the analysis of the various murderers, Palmer managed to develop a forensic psychological analysis of the individuals in a manner that was based on analysis of their behavior. Through the approaches used in the current environment, there has been a focus towards development of an approach to describe a sociopath. Forensic psychology aims towards analysis of the information gathered at the crime scene to develop an abstract of what can be revealed about the individual that commits the crime. In the law enforcement sector, there have been tremendous steps towards the development of a clear picture about a criminal. By deductive skills, theoretical information has become available.



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