Information Security & Risk Management

SUBJECT: Information Security & Risk Management

Question 1: 10 page paper

Where required, Use the attached 3 word document content (u can copy and paste the content if u want along with references)

*** Listen to the video for better understanding:

After reviewing the slides for the final paper and / or listening to the lecture, compile your final paper.

Be sure to apply what you have learned to the scenario

Using APA format, write the final Risk Management Paper for ProMed Insurance

Please pay attention to the SafeAssign score.  If the items highlighted are not just the references, make sure you cite your sources!

The paper must contain

Executive Summary

Overview of the company

Explanation of the IT network (refer to the diagram in PPT)

Risk Assessment

Identify assets and Activities to be protected

Identity threats, vulnerabilities and exploits

Risk Mitigation




How your plan protects the company overall

Conclusions and recommendations


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