Leadership in Contemporary Organisations

Leadership in Contemporary Organisations 

Addresses learning outcome(s):

  • understanding of the concept of leadership and the application of leadership principles.
  • familiarity with explanatory models of leadership behaviour.
  • understanding of the relationship linking leadership with innovation and change.
  • the capacity for critical analysis of issues relating to leadership in contemporary organisations.


Select one of the following essay topics:

  1. Theories of leadership provide practical advice on how to be an effective leader. Evaluate this statement with reference to at least two theories or models of leadership.
  2. 2. “Leaders may be important but there are whole rafts of other elements that are also important and it is often these that make the difference between organisational success and failure”. Discuss this proposition.
  3. 3. What is moral leadership and why is it important for contemporary organisations? Use examples drawn from case studies to illustrate your answer.



There is no one answer to any of these questions. The possibilities are numerous. The important thing is that you demonstrate knowledge of the field of leadership studies by drawing on a range of literature found in books and journal articles on leadership. Normal academic referencing is required for this essay. How you decide to approach the essay is up to you and will require some creative thinking as well as attention to how you will structure your argument. The criteria for evaluating this assignment are:

  • Identification of key issues
  • Structure of essay
  • Use of appropriate examples
  • Demonstrated understanding of the literature
  • Demonstration of analytical capacities
  • Demonstrated independent research
  • Presentation and referencing

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