Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan Report Format

  • Cover Page: Must include the name of the business, your name, the course number and date submitted.
  • Legal Page: Template is provided at the end of this document; fill in blanks and instructor will sign to ensure confidentiality.
  • Table of Contents: Must include a complete listing of all report sections and appendices, and appropriately aligned page numbers
  • Marketing Plan Content: Report must conform to the proper format. See outline below.


Marketing Plan Formatting

All MP submissions should conform to the following:

  • Writing Style: First person (you are writing this marketing plan as though you will be presenting it to management in the organization)
  • Font: Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman; 12-point font size
  • Margins: 1 inch left/right and top/bottom margins
  • Spacing
  • Single space the body of the report
  • Double Space (1 blank) between paragraphs
  • Triple Space (2 blank) between major headings and the first line of a new section
  • Headings
  • Major Headings: Bolded, underlined 14pt type and left justified
  • Secondary Headings: Bolded, underlined 12 pt type and left justified
  • A minimum of three lines of copy at the bottom and top of pages
  • Pagination
  • Upper or lower right hand corner or center bottom, including landscaped pages
  • Include page numbers of all appendices pages
  • APA style citations


Marketing Plan Content Outline/Template

  • Executive Summary

2.0   Situational Analysis

2.1   Market Summary

2.1.1   Market Demographics   Geographics    Demographics    Behavior Factors

2.1.2   Market Needs

2.1.3   Market Trends

  • Market Growth
    • Graph illustrating market trends and growth

2.2  SWOT Analysis

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats

2.3   Competition

2.4   Product Offerings

2.5   Keys to Success

2.6   Critical Issues

[NOTE: End of Situation Analysis]


  • Marketing Strategy

3.1       Mission

3.2       Marketing Objectives

3.3       Financial Objectives

3.4       Target Markets

3.5       Positioning

4.0      Marketing Tactics

4.1          Product

4.2          Pricing

  • Distribution

4.4          Communications

4.5          Marketing Research

5.0        Financials

5.1        Break Even Analysis (Include chart; see Table 2.5 in Chapter 2 sample plan)

5.2          Sales Forecast (Include chart; see Table 2.6 in Chapter 2 sample plan)

  • Expense Forecast (Include chart; see Table 2.8 in Chapter 2 sample plan)

6.0       Controls –

6.1     Implementation (Insert Table; see Table 2.7 in Chapter 2 sample plan)

  • Marketing Organization

6.3     Contingency Planning

Difficulties and Risks

Worst Case Risks

7.0             Appendices



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