New developments in Revenue Management




Assessment title:          New developments in Revenue Management  


Programme:                 BBA 7 


Course name:              Revenue and Pricing Management


Course number:           RDM 4134


Faculty responsible:     Dr. Detlev Remy


Hand out date:             Week  2  


Due date:                     Week 7, paper copy and submission via Moodle/Turnitin on  March 2sc 2015 at 10.00 o’clock


Weighting:                   40%


Project Overview:    The student should carry out a critical analysis on the new developments of revenue management and their impact such as for example the development towards CCRM, hierarchal issues within RM, and the new relationship between RM and distribution etc.

                                    The students should critically analyse the new developments and discuss their potential benefits and barriers regarding any implementation issues, especially in the hospitality industry.


Overall aim:               To enable students to demonstrate their understanding of the importance and functions of revenue management.


Learning outcomes:


  1. Identify the principles of revenue and yield management.
  2. Discuss, demonstrate and apply demand management strategies, pricing, capacity management, discount allocation, forecasting and other associated procedures essential to successful Yield Management.


Organisation and methodology


  1. Research the theoretical and practical application of revenue management. This project can be conducted on your own or with a peer student.


Word count:                            Not to exceed 3.000 words

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