Your Slide Presentation:
Your week #8 Slide Presentation must be submitted as a Word document containing imbedded “Print-Outs” of your slides … do NOT submit a PowerPoint file.
Your presentation must be submitted before midnight, Thursday (when the course officially ends). No late submissions can be accepted.
Your presentation will be based on your Week #7 final report and should include 10-15 slides, and you must include brief ‘linking text’ between each slide to guide the reader through the presentation.
A professional slide presentation in marketing should be based on high quality content, and your slides should be clear & compelling – it is important to engage your audience and convey all of the important points that you have developed in your written report. Include illustrative graphics and/or artwork on each slide, and gain, you should have brief ‘linking text’ between each slide … this will assists the viewer in understanding the logic of your slide transitioning – this is what your audience will want to see.
NOTE: Again, your slide presentation must be submitted as a Word document containing imbedded “Print-Outs” of your slides … do NOT submit a PowerPoint file.
Good Luck and remember the acid test is – would this plan achieve the objectives that you outlined in week #4 ? … and most of all, will your company’s top executives approve it?
Here’s how your presentation will be reviewed & graded:

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You have been hired as a data analyst and one of your first tasks includes selecting a car, primarily for your use, that will become part of the company fleet

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