Offering financial or other incentives to encourage people to volunteer risks undermining the voluntary ethos. Discuss

Offering financial or other incentives to encourage people to volunteer risks undermining the voluntary ethos. Discuss.
In writing the essay students are expected to demonstrate the following:
1. evidence of reading (with the emphasis upon scholarly works);
2. ability to develop and present a discussion that is clear, coherent, well-structured, and
3. ability to reach a well-grounded and thoughtful conclusion.
Essays that demonstrate insight, originality, reflection and command on the part of the author will have added value.
You should draw on and reference the work of other authors, but you should not use quotes. You are strongly advised to check your work for typographical errors, spelling errors, and
grammatical errors before submitting the work for assessment.
Formatting requirements
Essays should be around 2500 – 3000 words in length (excluding bibliography). Pages should be numbered.
Font should be TNR 12.
Spacing should be 1.5 minimum.
Pages should not be printed back-to-back.
Footnotes should not be used.
The Harvard referencing system is to be applied. Detailed instructions can be found on the web.

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