Enables you to draw on your personal experience of leadership as follows:  experience on placement; leadership in a sporting role, leadership at work, leadership in a charity or a student union

The learning and knowledge gained in writing this portfolio will help you in your pursuit of a career or further study. The portfolio is centred on ‘you’ and ‘your knowledge and understanding of leadership. You will write the portfolio in the first person and in a reflective style.


Section 1: Involves you writing a general introduction to the portfolio with a personal statement about ‘you’; Section 2: This is where you demonstrate your understanding and knowledge of leadership today and the future; incorporating evidence from academics through to leading experts in the field of leadership.  You will have the opportunity to draw on current issues such as leadership and diversity, sustainability and ethics in the workplace. Section 3: Provides you with the opportunity to reflect on your….

How does the humanities cultivate in students the ability to see themselves as members of a heterogeneous nation (for all modern nations are heterogeneous) and a still more heterogeneous world?

***Not for Profit: Why Democracy Needs the Humanities by Martha Nussbaum, Princeton University Press, 2016 (ISBN: 9780691173320) ***


See instructions below from professor: ***Two Pages***

After watching the attached video and reading Chapter 5 ( Citizens of the World pg 79-94) of the Not for Profit book. Your response must be approximately 450 words in length. What I really want to see is sincerity and open-mindedness in your personal reflection and clear engagement with the reading. The papers should be double-spaced, maximum 12-point type, maximum one-inch margins on all sides, in a MLA format.

Dr. Martha Nussbaum, Philosopher and Professor of Law and Ethics at the University of Chicago.

Dr. Kwame Anthony Appiah, Professor of Philosophy and Law at New York University.


Please answer….

Child Sexual Abuse

For this assignment, the student will complete a PowerPoint presentation and a written summary covering a trauma related topic. The written portion should include an outline of the project with appropriate headings and should include a global overview of the topic in addition to issues including prevalence, severity, the “best practices for treatment”, and preferred theoretical modalities. This project can serve as a presentation for overall awareness, a therapeutic group, a curriculum, etc…  There should be a minimum of 40 visually appealing slides, with each slide including illustrations in the form of pictures, clip art, charts, etc. Cite all sources, including websites, in current APA format in the footer of the slides, and then collect these references and append them on the last few slides in a standard….