Paraphrasing and quoting

Paraphrasing and quoting

You are provided with a brief portion of the journal article by Sunith Shoham and Milly Perry (2009).

Using the attached journal paraphrased and, provide an example of the two paraphrasing methods:

1) The Author’s name maybe integrated into the sentence, followed by the year of publication ( and page number(s) if necessary).

e.g. Robertson (2012) predict an average …

2)Insert the author followed by the year of publication at the appropriate point in the text.

e.g. by the middle of this century, emerging markets will nearly twice as large as the current developed economies (Van Agtmael 2001).

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Hispanics and diabetes

Evidence-based treatment for the Hispanic diabetic patient include the following medications: pioglitazone hydrochloride (a thiazolidinedione, 30 mg/d); irbesartan (an angiotensin receptor blocker, 150 mg/d titrated to 300 mg/d); hydrochlorothiazide (an….


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