Preliminary Budgeting Prospectus

Title of Paper: Preliminary Budgeting Prospectus

Note: Must include Introduction and Conclusion. Be sure to use Headings and Sub-Headings.

Basic Content: Review Chapter 3 from your primary text and prepare a 3 page (not including APA Cover Page, References Page or any Appendices) essay discussing the following scenario:

You are the director of the accounting department for a non-profit university. The vice-president of finance of your institution has requested that you prepare a preliminary budgeting prospectus for the approaching fiscal year.

Describe the required components of a budgeting development and planning process. Describe how you would utilize the available information from your employer to create a report of your intended strategy.

Remember that specific dollar amounts are not necessary for the purposes of this assignment; you are only responsible for discussing the actions that will occur to complete the budgeting process.
You are required to utilize a minimum of 3 to 4 academic resources other than your texts and format your document and corresponding in-text citation in 6th edition APA Style.

Primary Text: You must use the following primary text book:

Goldstein, L. (2005). A Guide to College & University Budgeting. Foundations for Institutional Effectiveness. Publisher: National Association of College & University Business Officers.

Resources: You are required to utilize a minimum of 3 academic resources other than your primary text and format your document and corresponding in-text citation in 6th edition APA Style.

Length of Paper: 3 pages (please do not submit even one paragraph less than 3 pages – thank you).

Format: APA Citation 6th edition.

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