Prostate Cancer in Men – its impact on the health of the population of interest

Once you identify a topical area, provide an overview of why this topical area or issue is of clinical significance. You should provide a background of the issue and its impact on the health of the population of interest. Be sure to include statistics or justification as to why one should be concerned about this topical area, or include other reports (such as economic reports or system/organizational reports) that have already been done to support the significance of the issue. Provide a brief review of the literature that you examined focused on your topic of interest.

Then identify ONE published QUALITY IMPROVEMENT or PROGRAM EVALUATION article from a peer reviewed journal that focuses on the area of interest (do not use a randomized controlled clinical trial, systematic review, or meta-analysis). Once you identify an article, you must provide:
a summary of the quality improvement intervention
a brief critique as to the strengths and weaknesses of the intervention
recommendations on how you improve upon the project and/or how you would apply the article’s implications to your practice.

Use the following headers in your paper:
Background and Significance
Review of the Literature
Article Critique
Implications for Practice

You may include additional sub-headings if appropriate.
Papers should be double spaced, follow APA 7th edition formatting, including in-text citation and referencing. Please include a Title Page. An abstract page is not needed.

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