Qualifying Paper Proposal

Component 1: Qualifying Paper Proposal (QPP)

The QPP is a two to four page double-spaced submission to the Program Director and the two faculty reviewers that clearly identifies the topic and the specific dimensions of the topic for the Qualifying Paper (QP). There are two steps involved in the QPP requirement:
Step One: Identify a specific topic of interest that is suitable for dissertation research. The QPP should include a brief introduction to the topic and why it was selected that provides the context needed to assess its importance and relevance; and a brief description of the topic and its dimensions that will be covered in the QP.
Step Two: The candidate cannot proceed to the QP until the proposed topic is approved by the assigned doctoral faculty reviewers. After the reviewers have provided their comments and approved the student moving forward, the student will begin to write the QP.
The QPP should include scholarly publications (including peer reviewed journal articles) adequate to demonstrate the existence of a body of literature sufficient to support the importance and viability of the selected topic. The references need to be properly cited with a Reference List in APA style (Sixth Edition). I need to discuss this with the writer , I need more explanation regarding his process and the articles and the topic address I have in my mind world bank. also I have more doc when the writer contact me on my email bill-edu at my Hotmail I will send him/her more details. for component 2: Component 2: Qualifying Paper (QP)
The QP consists of four parts: Introduction, Literature Review, Summary, and Reference List. The QP should be approximately 50-65 double-spaced pages, exclusive of the Figures/Tables and Reference List. Font size is 12 point Times New Roman with one inch margins. Must conform to APA Style – Sixth Edition.


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