research and explore different aspects of education by creating your own school

This PowerPoint presentation will count as your presentation grade.  You will research and explore different aspects of education by creating your own school. Do not merely copy and paste information from the internet. If you copy and paste from the internet, you will receive a “0.” Put the information into your own words.  Use creativity and make it interesting. Include images in your slides and explicitly explain each one of the elements. Include at least 20 slides, if not more.

  1. Introduce your school by providing the history of the school. Create a name for it. What is its mission, its goals and objectives.
  2. Curriculum (What kind is being used, and how effective is it?) Give a detailed point-by-point explanation of your curriculum. Identify the grade level of the school.
  3. Learning objectives and learning outcomes in the classroom; list and explain them.
  4. Tests (What kind? and how do they relate to the learning objectives or outcomes in the classroom?)
  5. Funding (What kind? and how is it distributed)
  6. Learning Activities and Extra-Curricular Activities
  7. Teacher/Student Ratio
  8. Administrative Involvement with faculty and students (explain)
  9. Identify three major problems in your assigned school district (see the list below). Do not include behavioral problems or testing problems as one of your problems. Provide two reliable sources (critical articles) from JSU’s database only as evidence. For example, if you state that behavioral issues are major problems in the school, provide a critical article from JSU’s database that supports your problem. Exclude behavioral problems, testing, and bullying as your problems.
  10. Three major resolutions to your problems in the school (provide three critical articles from JSU’s database only as evidence of these resolutions.
  11. Your philosophy of education (at least 10 to 12 sentences)
  12. School’s motto, mascot and colors
  13. Three famous educators–provide a brief biographical sketch and provide the contribution these people have made in the educational system.
  14. Include a YouTube video in your Powerpoint and share, in a paragraph, what it is discussing related to education.
  15. From the readings on your syllabus under “The Myth of Education and Empowerment,” choose your two favorite quotations from two of the essays and explain why you liked these quotations. Include the authors and titles of the essays.
  16. Your reflection:  explain what you have learned from doing this project (a paragraph of 8 to 10 sentences.  Leave the reader with a concluding thought.
  17. Your works cited sheet will be the last slide of the presentation. Your works cited sheet should be typed in the MLA format, not the APA format.  In addition, use your handbook to assist you or go the  (Links to an external site.) for assistance with the MLA format. Read carefully.
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