Research Discussion responses

1. well  to know if an article or book is credible it would be considered a scholarly (peer reviewed) . This contains articles that have been reviewed then critiqued by people in the related field. That way readers can have the confidence that what they are reading holds up to some kind of creditability. Ways that I can check if it is credible is If I turn to the editorial policy page and check if the editors state that the journal contains peer reviewed articles. Or I can just use Kean data bases to be extra sure. I am not sure how to post an article? My topic will be about exploring the “Man Box” and case and effect of toxic masculinity. The Journal I am referencing too is called toxic masculinity and mental health by Angelique Jenney Journal. Three features that suggest it is peer viewed is: the title has the word journal in it. Secondly its start with a title abstract. Lastly, because there vocabulary and terms they used. For example, The journal never said boys, kids, teen, guys. They used terms such as Men and young Men.

2. In order to know if an article or book is a credible or peer-reviewed academic source, it would be descried as scholarly.  The following are features or elements of an article or book one can use to evaluate whether or not it is credible : a “doi,” an abstract, a method section, does the author have a PhD? My topic is regarding racism and colorism, specifically in the western world.  The article posted, related to my topic is an example of a peer-reviewed article because it has an abstract,  it was posted by the Society for the Psychological studies of Social Issues, and it has a “doi.”

3. In order to know if an article is peer-reviewed or from an academic source it must contains critics from experts related to the field. Another aspect that we can closely analyze is the tittle; if it contains academic words on its tittle we can definitively say it is credible. For instance, my topic is in the meteorology field; the are multiple authors for this article and its tittle is ” Examination of Nudging Schemes in the Simulation of Meteorology for Use in Air Quality Experiments: Application in the Great Lakes Region”, with this title is more than evident that it is a credible and reliable research. Moreover, this article contains an abstract; which makes it even more reliable.

4. Determining whether an article or book is a credible  / a scholarly source has a lot of factors in my opinion. In my opinion, whatever topic you are researching and whatever sources you are using needs experts in the field. Anyone can give their input, but someone who is credible and an expert in the matter at hand contains more credibility. Another thing I look for is the references and resources used to generate the article / book. And finally, looking further into the author and title of the book / article. Further researching the author can show more background information and allow for more credibility. The title should also be relevant to the topic at hand.

5. To know if an article or book is a credible peer-reviewed academic source is if it would be considered a scholarly. Scholarly or peer reviewed sources most likely has to have people who are directly in the field of the topic. it would be very difficult to talk about something you don’t really know about. A scholarly article always starts off with an abstract that talks about what the article will consist of and at the end of the abstract are the key words which are in bold. Another thing that can help credibility is further research of the author. Searching to see what the author has done in the past has build credibility for them. Sources are also key as they have to be done properly as they have to be up to date.

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