Research proposal: Identify organizational security risk exposure; identify cost-effective mitigation  strategies; and prepare for recovery strategies

  1. Research proposal – a formal research proposal is due by the conclusion (Sunday) of week two. The professor will approve, disapprove or approve with modifications all proposals.

Your research proposal will be based on an “issue or problem” aligned with the requirements and criteria for obtaining the BA Degree in Security Management. The essential criteria include the seven undergraduate security management program learning outcome objectives:

·  Identify organizational security risk exposure; identify cost-effective mitigation

strategies; and prepare for recovery strategies.

·  Employ the use of risk analysis and vulnerability assessment processes.

·  Critically examine the variety and extent of losses from criminal acts, natural disasters, and security breaches facing society.

·  Analyze or compare and contrast concepts of information security, personnel security, and physical security and determine the planning approaches to prevent business losses.

·  Analyze the trends affecting security and loss prevention and determine the approaches to reduce losses facing businesses and institutions.

·  Evaluate, from a multi-disciplinary approach, non-traditional approaches to crime prevention.

·  Distinguish between traditional criminal justice roles, function, theories, and concepts as a reactive institution to the security roles a preventive societal institution.

Your research application will propose an examination of a current issue or problem in security management.

You are to compare and contrast the selected issue or problem with past, present and potential future trends or solutions. Alternatively, you may compare and contrast the experience of organizations affected by a security industry trend or whom have developed solutions to the problem and conduct analysis of their success or failure.

Topic Selection: Topic selection may be difficult. Typically, a capstone research candidate has a general idea of an area within the discipline of security management they wish to explore.  Students are encouraged to select a topic they are interested in, but which also has applicability to their organization.  In this instance, personal enjoyment is combined with the satisfaction of potentially improving the security posture of your organization.

Research Topic: Conduct a review of previous studies: Begin your research with the tools and capable librarian/archivists available to you in the APUS Online Research Center.

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